Skrontch Music

Skrontch Music is an iterative composition project that explores the histories and lineages of jazz in New Orleans through contemporary composition and improvisation. The initial composition was written for a 10-piece ensemble. Incorporating elements of sound collage and primary source documents, the piece addresses the intertwined histories of the formation of New Orleans jazz and anti-Jim Crow activism, setting them in a contemporary soundscape that resonates with today's musical and political landscape. The piece was researched and composed during a 2016 artist residency at A Studio In The Woods.

The debut Skrontch Music recording will be released in October 2019 on New Orleans’ Sinking City Records. The recording was generously supported by grants from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation and the Puffin Foundation.

Skrontch Music ensemble members and collaborators include:

Paul Thibodeaux - drums
James Singleton - bass
Steve Glenn - sousaphone
Oscar Rossignoli - piano
Emily Frederickson - trombone
Shaye Cohn - cornet
Reagan Mitchell - reeds
Aurora Nealand - reeds
Ricardo Pascal - reeds

Ricio Fruge - trumpet
Jenna McSwain - piano
Martin Masakowski - bass
Rex Gregory - reeds
Tomas Majcherski - reeds
Michael Torregano Jr. - piano
Emily Mikesell - trumpet
Dan Oestereicher - reeds
Justin Peake - electronics/production