Selected work

Nutria - new album, forthcoming (2019)

Byron Asher's Skrontch Music - forthcoming (2019)

Brad Webb Making Faces - High Fashion, forthcoming (2019)

basher - 100% Humidity (B4D Records, 2018)

The Salt Wives - With An Iron Hand We Shall Drive Humanity to Happiness (2018)

Nutria - Call To The Air (B4D Records, 2018)

Laelume - Flight of the Saturniids (2018)

Smoking Time Jazz Club - Take Your Time and Fly (2017)

Nutria - Nutria (2016)

Smoking Time Jazz Club - Make A Tadpole Holler Whale (2016)

Smoking Time Jazz Club - Everything Is Righteous (2015)

The Salt Wives - Cabaret Crepescule (2014)

Los Po Boy Citos - Hasta (2013)



"There is a neat brilliance to Byron Asher's music." - Anthony Dean-Harris, review of "100% Humidity"

"Skrontch Music looks to the past to move forward - an impressive work that is well-written and performed. Truly excellent and commendably ambitious." - Benjamin Lyons, Valid Records, NOLA

"The obvious stylistic comparison would be to Ornette Coleman with flavors of Dexter Gordon from Asher’s dark tenor tones, but that would be too simplistic. The true virtue of what is going on here is the lack of self-indulgence." - Offbeat Magazine, NOLA

"There's a clear strategic intelligence and inventiveness at work... a range of musical influences showing a substantial depth of artistic resourcefulness. Byron Asher’s large, generous tenor sax tone and melodic invention recall Sonny Rollins." - Kevin Lynch, No Depression Magazine

Promo for Skrontch Music at the 2017 Forestival on Inside the Arts with Diane Mack, WWNO New Orleans

Featured guest on Tripod episode "The Mexican Band," talking New Orleans music history with Laine Kaplan-Levinson, WWNO New Orleans